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We recognize that the range of trips posted on our site may not fit your personal requirements or preferences and would be happy to customize a trip plan just for you. This tailor made itinerary would feature the places you want to visit, with accommodations that match your own criteria and include activities and sightseeing that would suit you. And all this to fit a budget that you decide upon.

For this personalized service we charge a 'Plan-to-Go' fee of only $50 in most cases (particularly long or complex trips may require a higher fee). This fee is fully refundable if you book the trip originally requested within 30 days. Should you choose not to book the trip, or decide to book a different trip, the fee is forfeited. Past clients are usually exempted from paying a 'Plan-to-Go' fee.

"Why do I have to pay just to get a quote?", you may ask.

We are committed to offering you the best possible level of professional service, so that you may enjoy your trip and maximize the value of your travel dollar. Researching various options and tailoring the trip to your personal requirements takes a skilled and experienced travel professional a considerable amount of time. Our very modest 'Plan-to-Go' fee of $50 is meant to deter frivolous or purely speculative inquiries from 'armchair travellers', allowing us to devote our time to customers who seriously intend to book a trip in the near future.

It also offers you an inexpensive way to test our services / expertise and compare our quote to any others that you may have. After all you will be spending many multiples of the 'Plan-to-Go' fee on your trip - so why not take us on a trial run?

To charge this fee to your credit card, please complete this form and send it to us by mail or fax. Alternatively, you may simply send us a check.

Also please click here to send us an email message describing where you would like to go, how long you would like to stay there and what you would like to see.  We can modify any of our pre-existing itineraries or come up with a totally new one, tailored to your travel wishes. Please do not forget to include your contact information, approximate dates of travel, the number of adults  / children in your party and your budget per person (to include airfares, accommodations & activities). Alternatively, you may also complete our online form to provide the same information.


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